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I invite you to the website with our mototests, it's worth a look here help you form an opinion about the selected bikes. You will find here an overview of various models and brands, but mainly related to broadly motorcycle tourism. I test motorcycles through their prism suitability for off-road and slightly rough terrain. What can I tell about yourself? I don't have a lot of experience just passed several thousand kilometers. What does this mean for test quality? For for some it will be an advantage of such moto tests for others a disadvantage. WITH certainly it will be closer to my motorcycle tests for people with a smaller one experience than more.

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Tested motorcycles

I've already had the opportunity to check out many models and brands from BMW, by Triumph on Honda ending. The result of these tests after the first season I decided on buying your first motorcycle. In my case, it was a Honda NC750X w DCT. Naturally, many of these tests will be related and related how this model works. I know how much time the need to test dream bikes. Choosing to dealer, arrange a ride, often in different parts of the city. Then choosing the perfect offer promotion for myself, that's why I decided come to your aid. I try to make the material appear enough regularly. (At least during the season) You can expect more tests about twice a month. I hope published moto tests will help you choose your first motorcycle. Is it a change from a smaller capacity to a larger one. See you on on the road!