2023 Yamaha Ténéré 700 i Ténéré 700 Rally Edition

Two very strong, at least among the motorcycles chosen as first motorcycles, are up against each other. Ahead of you is a test that is sure to stir up a lot of excitement. Yamaha Tracer 700 versus Honda NC750X.

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Recenzja yamaha tr700 If you are considering your first motorcycle then most likely sooner or later you will come across these two models. I myself rode a Honda NC750X DCT for the last 3 years, so I know it very well. For a complete comparison test I was sent a 2020 Yamaha Tracer 7 for a week. I invite you to read the test, video footage available on our channel!

Yamaha Tracer 700 from 2020, I know that now the model is called Tracer 7. I have not followed the changes in the motorcycle I assume that they were rather symbolic and the riding characteristics have certainly not changed.

I almost bought a Yamaha Tracer 700, what went wrong?

Test Yamaha tracer 700 kontra Honda NC750x

Yamaha, a motorcycle that I basically already bought, at least on paper (until I rode the Honda). Then, in 2018, the build quality of the Tracer and how I felt on it prevented me from buying it. The buttons, plastics and comfort were definitely in favor of the Honda NC750X. I'm a tall 190 cm and sitting down on the Tracer 700 felt like I was riding my big brother's too-small bike. The Honda fit me flawlessly.

NC750X why did it win in 2018?

I was drawn to the adventure style from the beginning. Honda's motorcycle was affordable, at a vintage sale I got it at an insane price of -6k, and it came with a transmission that the entire motorcycle world DCT is excited about. Sport modes, for the beginning a small power acumen, will not surprise will allow you to learn to control the motorcycle, in addition, traction control, ABS you can feel reasonably safe.

The position behind the wheel was also fine, NC is large, maybe not in height, but a wide storage compartment in place of the tank, changes the position of the legs on the footrests. You don't look or feel like you are on something that is physically too small for you.


Motorcycles and scooters with automatic transmission? Honda is a great choice if you are switching from a scooter, just remember that there you have a CVT continuously variable transmission. However, it rides a little differently, the position behind the wheel is also different. In the NC750X you can hear and feel that click when shifting gears. And you have often asked.

Does the Honda NC750X DCT have a sensor for shifting gears in a corner?

No, it does not have such a sensor, it has in forward lean, reverse lean, going down a hill or going up a hill. On the other hand, how to solve this? We have a manual mode, in which you change gears yourself on the steering wheel (under the left thumb). At first I didn't understand what this sensor was all about, but after 3 years of driving I know what you meant.

You're riding focused in a turn, you press down on the footrest, your knee rubs against the asphalt, the countersteer goes in like a dream and suddenly there's this click and you fall out of focus, the turn isn't as driven as you'd like. So this is the moment.

Technical data, let's compare the specifications of Tracer 700 abs and Honda NC

The following is general information about engines in motorcycles.

OpisYamaha Tracer 700 - 2020rHonda NC750X - 2021r
Pojemność689 cm3745 cm3
Koni mechanicznych73,4 KM59 KM
Zbiornik paliwa17 l14,1 l
Moc maksymalna54,00 kW przy 8750 obr./min59 KM @6,750 obr/min
Maksymalny moment obrotowy68.0Nm (6.93kg-m) @ 6,500 obr./min69Nm @ 4,750 obr/min
Zużycie paliwa4,3 l/100km3,3 l/100km

The overall technical data speaks in favor of the Yamaha mt-07 Tracer. We have more horsepower, a larger fuel tank. Instead, the Honda has more capacity and 1 Nm more maximum torque.

A plus for the Yamaha we get when we look at the weight of 196kg versus the Honda's 230kg. Surprisingly, the combustion, the NC750 is unmatched here and on the road I easily managed to crank out a result of 3.3 liters per 100 km. Yamaha is much weaker and you have to add a minimum liter of 4.4l/100km.

After the city, the results come close

Fuel consumption

Yamaha Tracer 7

Honda NC750X


How do the general technical data on paper affect the ride?

You can feel the difference almost immediately after starting. Honda NC750X is sluggish; the 30kg weight difference makes an impact, just like the lower power.

Yamaha as a first motorcycle? Yes, but only on the road.

It's an excellent choice if you don't want to ride off-road. On the road, Yamaha outclasses Honda. The acceleration and ease of handling are perfect for beginners. The motorcycle is light and responds to the throttle as it should. There's no traction control, but let's be honest, with this power, you will handle taming the bike even at the start of your motorcycling career.

Leaning into corners and devouring them guarantees a smile on your face. I definitely recommend comparing these two motorcycles before making a purchase. Yamaha proves that you don't need advanced systems and complex electronics to create a bike that simply brings you a lot of fun. Yamaha Tracer 700 - 2020 r

Pure dynamics, what Tracer 700 extracts from its engine and those 73 HP is something beautiful. In 4th gear, you'll see 160 km/h on the counter, and that's not the end; where Honda stops, Yamaha allows you to keep going.

Moreover, it's incredibly stable; even at high speeds, the bike doesn't wobble from side to side. It seems resistant to wind gusts. The handling is steady.

How to summarize riding on asphalt? Good fun, dynamism, and agility. It's easy to make it obey.

You'll definitely get a lot out of it, and it's worth taking it to the racetrack to hone your skills under controlled conditions.

Tracer 700 off-road? Unfortunately, here we must discuss sport-touring. This category was chosen for a reason, much like the previously tested BMW F900XR. Simply put, it doesn't make sense to torment this bike even on gravel, not to mention more challenging terrains.

Returning to the specifications:

DescriptionYamaha Tracer 700 - 2020rHonda NC750X - 2021r
Capacity689 cm3745 cm3
Horse power73,4 KM59 KM
Fuel thank17 l14,1 l
Power54,00 kW przy 8750 obr./min59 KM @6,750 obr/min
Maximum torque68.0Nm (6.93kg-m) @ 6,500 obr./min69Nm @ 4,750 obr/min
Fuel consumption4,3 l/100km3,3 l/100km

On paper, the values are better than the 2021 Honda NC750X, and here I'm beating myself up because we're comparing the NC of previous vintages, there the suspension travel and bench height were greater (front suspension 41 mm telescopic fork 153.5 mm travel, not adjustable; rear suspension 150 mm; ground clearance 165 mm).

Comparing these figures, it is clear that the Honda NC750X of previous vintages had better off-road performance. The new one has been spoiled in this respect.

The advantage of this model melts in this case, even taking into account the off-road characteristics of both equipment.

We have already said that the Yamaha Tracer 7 off-road is not suitable, as you can see in the video test. Riding on those light gravel roads, 3 times I solidly nailed the underside. And these were, let's be honest, gentle unevenness of the terrain. The old NC won in this respect. The new one? Looking at the specifications it will perform just as poorly.

Honda NC750X as a First Motorcycle

Honda NC on Asphalt

It rides decently, it doesn't surprise in any way, it can even become boring (after some time). Choosing the Honda as your first motorcycle, you'll be setting yourself up for relaxed touring. Unlike the Tracer, this one has a lot of electronics. The new version of the NC brought ignition maps and 3 riding modes that will help beginners control the bike. But the question arises: why? The riding modes change the maps and the engine's response to the throttle. This electronic control is often found in powerful bikes like the GS or Pan America, which makes sense in a machine that boasts 120 HP. Let's remember, the NC has just 59 HP... It really doesn't surprise you, right from the first corner taken.

Nowa Honda NC750X z dct

In my opinion, it's a case of form over function. It would have sufficed to improve the traction control. I mentioned in a previous solo review of Honda that after opening the throttle and a slip of the rear wheel, the control blocks further throttle input, choking the bike until the throttle is completely closed. This is particularly annoying because you can't accelerate dynamically.

The motorcycle is significantly heavier, its dimensions are slightly but still larger - height, width, wheelbase. Therefore, it's harder to maneuver with it; it's less agile, and you need to apply a bit more force into counter-steering.

What about offroad?

As mentioned earlier regarding the technical data, in the new 2021 version of the NC, off-road capabilities have been reduced. Keep this in mind if you're thinking about adventure-style riding.


By the way, this model on Honda's website is categorized under Adventure. Perhaps it was the case up to the 2020 model year, but remember that after the facelift, the suspension travel was reduced. Both at the front and the back. The ground clearance also decreased, and the difference between the Tracer 7 is only 5mm. I expect the same problems and getting caught on everything even in light off-road conditions.

However, because of this, the motorcycle is more accessible for shorter individuals. It's perfect for someone who is 170 cm tall or above.

Conclusion: Which to choose for your first motorcycle, Yamaha Tracer 7 or Honda NC750X?

Yamaha Tracer 2022, przód Everything speaks in favor of Yamaha. Riding characteristics, dynamics, ease of handling. Suspension that you can adjust both at the front and the rear. The NC is more about calm touring, and thanks to the DCT gearbox, you don't have to think about changing gears; you just keep moving forward, albeit moderately dynamic due to the engine's low power, but economically! Honda is a champion when it comes to fuel efficiency, and refueling with a fuel consumption of 3.3 l on the highway is a value that competitors can't match.

Both motorcycles, due to the changes in Honda's specifications, have comparable off-road capabilities - which is to say, none. Therefore, when deciding on your first motorcycle, consider the pleasure of riding on asphalt, and here Yamaha Tracer 700 clearly wins.