In today's digital age, purchasing a used vehicle requires more than just a keen eye; it demands thorough background checks to ensure you're making a wise investment. This is where VIN checks and vehicle history reports come into play, offering a window into the car's past, from service records to accident history. Such insights are invaluable, helping potential buyers steer clear of bad deals and unsafe vehicles. In our comprehensive guide, we delve into the significance of these tools and spotlight the top three services that excel in providing detailed, reliable information, making your car buying journey both informed and secure.

Remember to check before buy

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Time and Money Savings

Checking a vehicle's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) before purchase is crucial for several reasons, notably for saving time, money, and ensuring safety.

Here's why it's a step you shouldn't skip: Firstly, verifying a car's VIN can save you a significant amount of time and money. Without leaving your home, you can discover if a vehicle is even worth considering. Sometimes, the car you're interested in might be located dozens or even hundreds of kilometers away. By checking the VIN first, you can avoid the time and expense of traveling to see a vehicle that doesn't meet your criteria. This preliminary step is a convenient way to narrow down your options to those truly worth pursuing.

Financial Prudence

Secondly, checking the VIN can also save you money in the long run. A vehicle that hasn't been serviced regularly may require expensive repairs down the line. Many vehicle history reports include service records, showing what maintenance has been performed and when. This allows you to see what components might need to be replaced soon, based on both time and mileage. Armed with this information, you can ask the seller for maintenance receipts to verify the car's service history. Ensuring the vehicle has been well-maintained can prevent unforeseen expenses after your purchase.

Safety Assurance

Third, and equally important, is the aspect of safety. Driving a car that has previously been declared a total loss in countries like Germany or Austria, but then repaired and sold in Bulgaria as accident-free, poses a significant risk. This is a scenario you, your children, or any close ones should never face. The safety compromise in such vehicles is not worth the risk. By checking the VIN, you can uncover a vehicle's full history, including any total loss declarations, to ensure you're not putting your loved ones in danger.

Where to check vehicle history? - TOP 5 ranking


The leader among history check sites vehicle history. Its position is mainly due to its rich collection of data and the ease of use of the service. On the market Polish market for over 20 years. The company in Katowice competes successfully both nationally and internationally. internationally. The reports are detailed and, unlike others, provides information about what the report will contain before buy it. Recently, they have also offered the vehicle history by registration number.

Remember to check before buy

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This is another platform where you can check the history of a vehicle, this time without the registration number. This site provides detailed reports on the vehicle's history, which are easy to understand even for a beginner. It is distinguished by the low price and information about the report content provided before you buy - you know what you're paying for.

VIN Info

3. CarVertical

It differs from other sites in that it uses blockchain technology to verify and secure data. This ensures that the information is real and unchanged. At same as automotives, prices are fixed, but do not show upfront what the report contains before purchase. Read opinions about CarVertical

4. AutoDNA

This is a popular service that, in addition to the historical vehicle history, also provides information about the market value of the which can be useful in price negotiations. A possible drawback could be the outdated design of the website and the reports. An advantage is that it shows what you will find in the report, but a disadvantage is the high price.

5. EpicVin

It's a site that provides quick and easy history checks and is also relatively inexpensive.

What can you learn from the vehicle history?

The vehicle history report is an essential document at buying a used car or motorcycle, providing the potential buyer a wealth of important technical information and data about the history of the vehicle in question. It may contain information about the vehicle's mileage, any collisions or accidents it has been involved in, technical inspections and any repairs or modifications. In addition, the report may provide information on the number of previous owners, whether the vehicle has ever been used as a service or rental vehicle. Find out, any liens or debts associated with the vehicle. All this information can be extremely valuable as it helps assess the technical condition of the vehicle, its credibility and whether the price is appropriate to its value and history. By report, the buyer can avoid buying a vehicle with defects hidden defects or problems that could later lead to high costs repair costs or even pose a safety hazard.

Informații despre kilometraj

Vehicle mileage plays a key role in assessing its condition technical condition and value. Mileage history can reveal whether the odometer has been rolled back, which unfortunately is happens to increase the value of the vehicle. Records regular odometer readings on various occasions such as inspections or servicing, allow the actual use of the vehicle over time.

Repair history

will tell you if the car has been badly damaged in the past, what repairs have been carried out, if any parts have been replaced such as the engine or gearbox.

Owner information

Information about previous owners, such as their number or length of ownership of the vehicle, can provide clues as to how how the vehicle was operated. Frequent change of owners can be a sign of potential problems with the vehicle over time a vehicle in the hands of one owner for a long may suggest regular maintenance and care for the vehicle. technical condition.


This section contains information about any collisions, accidents or damage the vehicle has suffered in the past. Data detailed repair and damage data may indicate structural problems or hidden defects, which may affect safety and vehicle performance.

Stolen vehicle databases

Checking the vehicle against stolen vehicle databases is essential to avoid the purchase of property obtained illegally. Vehicles that have been previously stolen and then recovered, may have hidden defects or may be seized by the authorities. law enforcement, exposing the buyer to financial loss.

Technical data

This section provides information on vehicle specifications, such as engine type, capacity, fuel type, year of manufacture or additional equipment. It allows full understanding of the model's capabilities and limitations and to compare the vehicle offered with other versions available on the market.

How to use these sites?

Checking the vehicle history on these sites is simple. Just enter the VIN number or number plate in the appropriate field, and then pay for the service. At minutes, you'll receive a full report.

Conclusion: The First Step in a Comprehensive Evaluation

In conclusion, obtaining a vehicle history report or decoding the VIN is an essential first step in the process of purchasing a used vehicle. It provides a wealth of information that can save time, ensure financial wisdom, and safeguard the safety of you and your loved ones. However, it's important to remember that like any system, VIN decoding and history reports are not infallible. They provide a solid foundation of knowledge but cannot guarantee the mechanical integrity of a vehicle.

Therefore, we strongly recommend taking any car or motorcycle you're considering buying to a trusted mechanic for a thorough inspection. This additional step can confirm the vehicle's condition and help solidify your decision, ensuring that your future vehicle is as reliable and safe as the report suggests. Trusting a professional mechanic's evaluation complements the insights gained from the VIN report, offering you the best chance of making a well-informed and confident purchase.

FAQ Questions and answers

  1. Is the vehicle history check free of charge?

No, these services are paid for, but the cost is small in comparison the potential losses you could incur by buying a car with hidden problems.

  1. The VIN number is sufficient to check the history vehicle history?

Yes, the VIN number is unique for each vehicle and contains all information needed to check its history.

3. Are these sites safe?

Yes, all the sites I mentioned are secure and have good user reviews.

  1. How soon will I receive the vehicle history report?

The process usually takes a few minutes, but may depend on specific site.

  1. Is it worth checking the vehicle history before buying?

Absolutely, checking your vehicle's history can protect you from buying a car with serious problems that could lead to costly repairs.