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Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000l from 2018 - review


During the presentation of the Africa Twin model I mentioned that the Honda Africa Twin is a dream for moto travelers. This test confirmed it if you have the right budget (of 13 000 eur) and are planning to travel long distances by motorcycle, you've got it right.

SUVs pretend to be off-road vehicles. Africa Twin CRF1000L doesn't pretend to be a race jeep and is as comfortable as in your favourite evening seat on Netflix.

Honda Africa Twin 2018 - racial long-distance traveller

What is the first impression? Previously I had a chance to drive a Honda NC750X at DCT, now I got Africa Twin with a manual box but with a quick shifter and up and down. And as for the first impression it makes a big one! The motorcycle is great, despite the similar weight of 230 kg, there is everything more, steering wheel high, wide, angle of deflection of legs - a fairy tale. It is simply not possible to pass by this machine.

Africa doesn't pretend to be anything, there are no unnecessary fables, the design is simple and the motorcycle looks as if it can be repaired even in the farthest corners of the world. Simple look does not mean that the motorcycle does not like it makes a great impression of a tireless wanderer. I mentioned during the presentation about the Mongolian steppes, getting on Africa despite driving around Warsaw, it seems that already behind the bend we will find ourselves somewhere in the desert. Solid engine cover, handbars and high standard glass make simply comfortable

When it comes to rough terrain, most of them just won't notice The 2018 Twinn Africa Twinn Honda r simply floats over them.

I've already said that it's high, the couch is at 920 mm for me perfectly, but if you are less than 180 cm tall even 2 cm adjustment may not be enough.

What do you get in standard?

  • Handbars
  • Motor cover
  • High glass
  • Ignition maps
  • 7-stage traction control
  • Regulated 3-stage motor braking

The speed in Honda Africa Twin is high and narrow, it protects quite well against air rush but is not adjustable. So a hot summer in the city you can imagine... Going back to tall people at 190 cm and more will not fully protect you. From what I've learned from a Honda dealer the accessory glass is almost 9 cm higher.

So far all the ohms and aches of Africa Twin, are there defects?

I would count the cockpit to them. The screen used in Honda Africa Twin from 2018 is not the best. If you have read the previous tests, you know that I ride with polarized glasses, but in this case it does not matter with polarization, whether without the display of the Honda in full sun is illegible... As for a motorcycle from 2018, where things have changed a bit, you could also offer a new display of something clearer and nicer. Too many pseudo-decorations, dashes of numbers, scales...

Beyond the display, the problem can be caused by tires that have inner tubes, in case of a failure somewhere on the road there will be poorly repaired, it is a pity that tubeless tires are not used - pegs and you go further, such as in the case of Yamaha Tenere or KTM 790 Adventure.

The next thing is the price, whatever you want to buy it from your dealer will be expensive.

Summarizing Africa Twin 2018 as first motorcycle?

It is wonderful and I would like to have it but not now. As a beginner motorcyclist, I find that need to grow up to it, to get cozy and practiced. Having driven 3000 km today, I wouldn't decide to buy it.

All the time I have a problem with the size of the front wheel, those 21 inches in front, just like in the previously tested Scrambler does not make it easier for me to drive, I feel more comfortable at 17.

Can it be a question of being higher? You can also sit comfortably in the city without any problem - the high steering wheel of a large part of car mirrors will pass underneath. But corners and higher speeds (no madness), here you probably feel on my smaller 17 inches. I did exactly the same route on the NC750X and Africa Twin and it was much more comfortable on Africa, but I felt more confident on my smaller brother.

The inexperienced motorcyclist will not use even a fraction of what Africa Twin from 2018 offers. To mention the 7-stage traction control adjustment, I have a 2-stage in my Honda and after the first year I haven't played with it yet. Ignition maps, engine braking for all of this requires a lot of experience and miles driven.

In a few years' time I will gladly change but not yet, to sum up, I recommend it to more experienced bikers.