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Harley Davidson LiveWire - best review in the web


Without a doubt it is the most expensive and fastest motorcycle I have ever ridden I invite you to test motorcycles from behind the big water of the first fully electric Harley Davidson LiveWire.

Electric motor with what?

The engine in an electric motorcycle is something completely different than we have had the opportunity to test so far. All the power is available from the very beginning, you don't have to wait until it turns from zero to the limiter, which in this case is set at 180 km/h you have the full range.

It is hard to describe because regardless of whether you have zero and are just starting or you already have 80 km/h you can speed up with the same value. And from 0 to 100 this value is 2.7 seconds.

Although 116 Nm and 105 hp /x78 Kw on paper is not impressive, in practice, the performance of this electric motor is unbeatable by any exhaust gas.

Harley Davidson LiveWire

This power and acceleration do not overwhelm, even beginner motorcyclists will be able to handle this motorcycle because the reaction to the gas is gentle and only a severe twist will cause the motorcycle to rip forward, also by operating lightly with your right hand you can easily choose H-D LiveWire as the first motorcycle - if you have a gold card in your bank.

The motorcycle costs not little due to the production in the USA and the duties imposed on the United States by Europe price have gone up to about 150 000 PLN.

The battery charge and range

. This is definitely the weakest aspect of this motorcycle, maybe not even the motorcycle itself, but the infrastructure we have available in Poland.

It turns out that when planning this test and the route from Warsaw to Lodz you will not be able to do it in one day, because there are no fast chargers available on the route. With an ordinary charger, which are available you will need to charge your motorcycle 20 km/h, so you will need the whole night to fully recharge your batteries.

chargeing LiveWire

It is worth noting that these types of chargers give the same charging effect as a normal charging from a home socket, and if we are at the same time you get a charger that you can connect LiveWire to the socket and a motorcycle tip. This is another prank, because even if you have the power available in your home garage, it will not speed up the charging of your motorcycle without a suitable tip.

We connected the charger available in the kit to the strength of a colleague in the company, which turned out that the speed of charging was identical to that of a regular socket, and because of the lack of proper cabling, there are also several aspects that you have to pay attention to charging Harley Davidson LiveWire.

Quickly the charger will allow you to charge your motorcycle in 40 min. 80% of the battery capacity of the whole battery.

What is our range? Well, when riding in the city, the motorcycle is constructed in such a way that it recovers energy during braking. So when you get to the lights, you let off the gas and the engine brakes quite reliably and recovers the energy - this means that with the right ride (and the right amount of lights) 😉 you can recharge your motorcycle while riding in the city. Unfortunately, the motorcycle loses its range, which is about 140 kilometers on the road, due to lack of frequent engine braking.

The range in the city is about 200 km.

Of course, it all depends on how you unscrew the gas cuff and the chosen driving mode from the modes in a moment.

Full surveillance - HD application.

Harley Davidson LiveWire

For an additional fee you have a smartphone application available, through which you can control your motorcycle in a way. You can see where it is currently parked, you will be informed if nobody is tinkering with it and what is the speed of charging how much time it takes to fully recharge the battery.

This is where the surveillance aspect appears. I connected the motorcycle to the aforementioned force and we went to visit the factory after a while I got a call from a man from Harley Davidson informing me that the motorcycle is charging but it is not a fast charger and that I would not be surprised that after an hour I will have the motorcycle recharged with 20 km range. He also informed me that there is a fast charging station nearby in Malinowy bzyk and that I would better go there for dinner and charge it so that I can go back to Warsaw in peace.

How do you ride an electric motorcycle?

If you associate motorcycle riding with loud exhausts and overheads you will be disappointed. If you are a fan of Star Trek or Star Wars, you will be delighted. The motorcycle is completely silent, when you unscrew the cuff more strongly you can only hear a swish - and that's what the sound of sience fiction movies reminds you of.


It is a bearable position comfortable as on a naked eye, i.e. legs at a suitable distance from the couch, you will not have to complain about the angle of deflection. The couch is hard, but you won't be able to get too much of it, because you will have to load it every 170 km or so. And the loading itself, as you already know, will take at least an hour. At the back we have an adjustable suspension, which unfortunately does not help much in comfort, it is hard tuned and this is how it should be.

Harley Davidson LiveWire - position

Lack of speed means large decks of air hitting you straight, but you can see it at a glance.

The whole thing is very well made, all elements are at the highest possible level. The couch is so shaped that at higher speeds, it's good to deny it with your ass and unscrew the cuff 😁 The back of the place is rather symbolic, see for yourself.

Driving modes

As we are accustomed to modern equipment we have and H-D some electronics.

We have a Rain mode - for use only in the rain, apart from that it spoils the motorcycle, which starts to behave like an electric scooter and not a lightning bolt reaching 2.7 seconds to a hundred.

The EcoMode will help you recover as much energy as possible during braking - this is where you minimize brake wear, the engine braking is so strong.

Sport, of course, could not miss it, most aggressive. Use it carefully because the range of the motorcycle is decreasing at an alarming rate.

The most balanced tribute of the Road is to balance power with engine braking and thus energy recovery.

To sum it up

Just like my colleagues from other motorcycle magazines, I would like to have it in my garage. The motorcycle is undoubtedly unique and this is the position that Harley Davidson has escaped, and it is far ahead of the competition. It's a very impressive ride and you can't hear anything about the alternative so far. I recommend it to everyone, as soon as you have a chance to try it because it is hard to describe what positive emotions this machine evokes.

PS I is a beating electric heart...